Phoenix Real Estate Wholesalers

Phoenix Real Estate Wholesalers

Arizona is a booming market with tech jobs, a skyrocketing population, and growing home prices. Phoenix Real Estate Wholesalers can help you get in the market without breaking the bank and taking on a mortgage that leaves repairs to the wayside.

Current Housing Market Conditions

The current housing market started a downward trend. However, prices are not likely to return to their pre-pandemic levels. The median price in 2022 was $440,000, up over $120,000. Even a 10% decline in the market will not bring prices to the same level.

Despite the heat, conditions currently favor cash buyers. High mortgage rates make it more expensive to purchase a home today than in January of 2022. This is causing prices to drop slightly and giving all cash buyers an opportunity.

Market Outlook 2023

A home buyer may benefit in the short-term but economists forecast that prices will rise in 2023. Median price dropped $20,000 in the third quarter of 2022.

All things considered, price speculators claim that there is little likelihood of an actual or large crash. Most forecasts show a rise in prices of between two and three percent.

Getting Into the Phoenix Market

Corporate buyers and individuals looking to create a portfolio of rental properties are at an advantage today. However, you still need to protect your investment. If prices do drop, you do not want to be underwater.

A home wholesaler is the perfect option to obtain properties at discount.  We help cash buyers get the most out of their next investment while aiding sellers of unique or distressed properties find buyers.

Fixing and Flipping Homes in 2023

Merely renting out a home will not generate significant income. Prices will rise in the long run. Housing prices outstripped inflation by two percent per year since 1990 nationally, much more in Arizona. You are purchasing an asset.

You must build up your investment. Fix and flip loans from AZ Flip help buyers create dream homes to sell when the time is right. Gain rental income and sell when you feel fit or simply fix and flip your new home.

Move in Ready Homes and Gems

Not every home we sell is distressed. A large number are ready to resell or rent. You can easily find a gem at a discount as many sellers want to move on quickly. Parents of deceased homeowners and members of the military all want to sell fast.

We want to satisfy buyers and price accordingly. There are significant margins for nearly every home. Our inventory includes premium locations.

Using Phoenix Real Estate Wholesalers to Your Advantage

Phoenix real estate wholesalers offer corporate buyers and landlords a leg up in the market. Distressed and move-in ready properties all need to move quickly for a variety of reasons. We help connect sellers with buyers in any environment.

Take advantage of the recent decline in home prices. Make AZ Flip your home wholesaler. Browse our recent listings, set up your phone to receive notifications, and increase your portfolio of homes. Get in touch today.