best happy hour Westlake Village

best happy hour Westlake Village

You’ve probably been wandering around the city and wanted to know which places had happy hours to take advantage of their discounts by having a drink or a bite to eat.

The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar is one of the favorite options to have a good time with friends and enjoy a couple of drinks, as well as excellent Japanese food prepared by one of the finest kitchens in the city.

Keep an eye on the details and you will know why we are the best sushi restaurant in the area.

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Attentive staff

A good happy hour means people drink and eat all they want for a great price. If a guest waits too long to order another, it’s not a good happy hour. Happy hours can be busy and demanding for staff, but you need to pay attention to customers at all times.

Guests can be more volatile during happy hours, something our wait staff and bartenders are fully trained to handle. This is because guests expect fast service, and are less patient than during lunch or dinner hours.

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We offer exotic food and drinks

Not only do guests like discounts on food and drink, but they expect more affordable prices, and they choose their happy hour locations based on how much bang for their buck they will get for their buck. It’s important to give customers what they want. Our guests know that at our location they won’t waste their money and will always get the best.

A jovial and modern atmosphere

If something characterizes our place and makes it one of the top sushi bars in the area is because we have a modern atmosphere where young people can enjoy beautiful views, comfortable spaces and live music.

Security at all hours

Happy hours tend to be a time of euphoria and celebration, to ensure the safety of all guests we have private security trained to solve any altercation or problem that may arise. Our interest is to keep everyone safe, so we have the best to give peace of mind.

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Theme parties

Something that characterizes our venue is the flexibility with which we can adapt. That’s why our happy hour is themed. Being a Japanese food restaurant, you can wear Asian attire and feel like you are in Osaka drinking some rice liquor.

Be part of an unforgettable experience in one of the best places in the city.

The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar is a restaurant with more than 20 years of experience offering the best of Japanese gastronomy faithful to tradition and at the height of the finest Asian cuisine.

If you have an event, business meeting or want to spend time with your family this is the right place. Write to our email at and we will gladly answer your requests.

best happy hour Westlake Village